Thursday, April 23, 2009

Monadic functional reactive AJAX in OCaml

Yesterday I released three related projects which I've been working on for a long time:
  • ocamljs, a Javascript backend for ocamlc, along with some libraries for web programming
  • orpc, a tool for generating RPC stubs from OCaml signatures, either ONC RPC for use with Ocamlnet's RPC implementation, or RPC over HTTP for use with ocamljs
  • froc, a library for functional reactive programming that works with ocamljs
The idea of all this is to build a platform for client-side web programming like Google Web Toolkit (but better, of course :). There is still a lot of work to get there, but already we use ocamljs and orpc for production work at Skydeck. In my next few posts I'll work through some examples using ocamljs, orpc, and froc:


  1. Looks cool! Attempting to install froc sans ocamljs now...

  2. i very much look forward to hearing ever more about this cool project. hope to some day have enough free time (oh ha ha) to dive in.